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I found this great video from Matthias Zentner´s at Vimeo as a tribute for Nikon. Just want to share it with you all… Enjot it!

Nikon, as the world leader in imaging is repeatedly technically maximizing the possibilities in photography, to be discovered in their wide range of their cameras. This spot is a statement from Nikon to all those who love photography. It is a celebration of the power of images and of those who create them.

In honor of the great Nikon’s heritage, Matthias Zentner and his US reps Harvest films, made a film about the most memorable moments in life, all captured by Nikon cameras, D800, D600 and Coolpix. Creating a snapshot of short stories using cameras and lenses made by NIKON.

Even when slow motion cameras like Phantom flex were used, Nikon lenses were adjusted to the camera system. This story is about the connection between the photographer and his/her visionary way of looking at life’s most incredible moments.
No mystery, no fakery, just pure photography.

The photography, through the decades, became more than just images. The photography evokes memories and narrates emotions.
Nikon’s were built to capture the most impressive moments in the blink of an eye. These days almost anybody can tell a story through the camera and that’s what makes this film so exciting. It should inspire the photographer in all of us to capture the beauty of each moment in our lives.

The sound approach creates the connection between the moment of the click, when everything else fades away and the capture of the image is complete. In that moment it’s just the breath of the photographer and the breath of the horse. No audience applauding, no hooves, just the intimacy of the captured moment.
In the heart of the image: that’s where the pure photography moments are captured in the most impressive way.

:::: C R E D I T S :::: client: Nikon; agency: McCann, NY, USA; SVP, ECD: Larry Platt; SVP, GCD: Tom Sullivan; sr. art director: Jorge Bache; sr. copywriter: Cameron Fleming; SVP, EP: Kathy Love; EVP, group managing director: Kevin Scher; VP, management rep: Dana McCullough; account supervisor: Daniella Rey; business manager: Paulette Reiner; production company: Harvest Films, USA; executive producers: Bonnier Goldfarb & Rob Sexton; director: Matthias Zentner; head of production: Niko Whelan; line producer: Matt MacLennan; DoP: Stefan von Borbely; photographer: Matthias Zentner; production designer: Gus Ward; post house: velvet mediendesign, Munich; editor: Jochen Kraus; colorist baselight: Bianca Rudolph; flame artist: Sylvia Roessler; music company: Ring the Alarm, LA; USA; creative director: Daron Hollowell; exec. producer: Jenny Hollowell; composer: Matthew Compton; sound mix: Lime Studios, Santa Monica, USA; mixer: Joel Waters; exec. producer: Jessica Locke

New York Festival | finalist award; Clio | finalist

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