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For lovers of collecting old Nikon products we bring you this collection of the first exposure meters for the Nikon F. Before the cameras had the exposure meter on the camera itself, these were accessories, quite large by the way, that were attached to the camera. Just like the camera itself, these exposure meters did not need batteries even though they had electrical functions. The fact that both the Nikon F and its exposure meters worked without batteries is something that will never cease to amaze me.


These early exposure meters are very rare and hard to find complete, and to get your hands on this collection is certainly to own a piece of Nikon history. These gadgets attach to the top of the camera and provide you with the light information you need to take a good picture. They have a selenium cell to measure the light, but they wear out with time. The first model was released in 1959 but few units were made because soon after the second model was released. This scarcity of the first model makes it the most desired by collectors and it is very rare to find one that has not degraded selenium cels.

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