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In its day, most photographers used color negatives and made prints out of them. They rarely considered the possibility of photographing slides. In fact, slides were —and are— always strange territory, not for everyone… but it shouldn’t be a scary concept either. Shooting slides has its advantages… and its disadvantages.

First, one must realize that the slide is the same film that was inside your camera. Slides are like negatives, except that the developed film is cut into individual frames and placed in cardboard or plastic slide holders. Slides are nothing more than what you have photographed. Exactly.

And this is the main difference between slides and negatives. The prints that are made from the negatives pass through the hands of third parties who contribute, consciously or unconsciously, with their personal tastes. So the prints you receive from the lab may not match what you wanted, because the most crucial step, printing, is out of your control.

However, with slides, you get what you do. Full stop. The sharpness, the color, the exposure, all of these come back to you exactly as you photographed them. If they’re good, the skill and artistry you put into them at the time of exposure is preserved; if they’re bad, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Sliders from our Film Photo Library

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