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Our world moves forward with broken things. Broken earth to produce a harvest, broken clouds to bring rain, broken grain to make bread, broken bread to give us strength. You too have to be broken at some point in order to emerge stronger.


Slides of a time when the ultimate goal of farming was not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.

Wendell Berry used to say: “The passive western consumer, sitting down to a meal of pre-prepared food, confronts inert, anonymous substances that have been processed, dyed, breaded, sauced, gravied, ground, pulped, strained, blended, prettified, and sanitized beyond resemblance to any part of any creature that ever lived. The products of nature and agriculture have been made, to all appearances, the products of industry. Both eater and eaten are thus in exile from biological reality.”

By contrast, ancient foragers regularly ate dozens of different foods. Our ancient ancestor, the foragers, might eat berries and mushrooms for breakfast; fruit, snails and turtles for lunch; and rabbit steak with wild onions for dinner. Each day’s menu could have been
completely different. This variety ensured that the ancient foragers received all the nutrients they needed.

Slides From our Film Photo Library.

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