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Who said that the Nikon F (any of its variants) can’t be controlled remotely and wireless…?

From a time when people solved their needs without waiting for the market to meet the demand, we are proud to present a remote system for the Nikon F that several decades later still works as it did on the first day: seamless. 

It consists, like any other remote wireless system, of a transmitter (possibly factory made for other equipment) and a receiver specifically designed to fit and work in conjunction with the F-36 wireless battery pack. An authentic work of craftsmanship, with finishes at the level of an industrial product.

If selfies had existed in the 60s (at that time we all had a friend -not a follower- to take a picture of us…) this system would have made things much easier, although it was probably conceived to meet different needs. And here we are, 60 years later, marvelling that this well-built mechanism allows us to take pictures remotely with our much-loved Nikon F.

Enjoy the video (I don’t think you’ll find anything like it on the internet).

31105 Self made F36 Remote Wireless Switch 1 scaled
31105 Self made F36 Remote Wireless Switch 3 scaled
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