Shop.- Rare combos: NIKON F2 AS DP-12 + DS-12 + DH-1 + DB-1 + DM-1 + 2 X DN-1

Launched in 1959, the NIKON F instantly won the confidence of professional photographers and recorded sales of over 800,000 units in Japan and overseas. A decade later in 1971, its successor, the NIKON F2 was released.

The NIKON F camera was already renowned for its high level of perfection and for the new F2 it was improved and launched as a more reliable monocular SLR camera that is still highly regarded today.

The main feature of the Nikon F2 is that, being fully mechanical, it can be used without batteries and is robust, as it has no electronic circuitry.

The Nikon F2 has gained the trust of many photographers for reportage and sports photography, where failures are not tolerated, due to its robustness, which can withstand light rain and vibrations, and its extremely short obscuration viewfinder. In addition, the Nikon F2 comes with a photomic viewfinder with built-in exposure meter (Nikon F2 Photomic) and other features include a maximum shutter speed of 1/1000 at 1/2000 sec.

The Nikon F2 has a timeless design that uses straight lines and omits unnecessary embellishments. For its successor, the Nikon F3, the designer became Mr. Giorgetto Giugiaro, and the design was based on roundness and aerodynamics.


The Nikon F2 features a wide range of accessories, such as the DS-12, which, using light readings from the Photomic viewfinder, continuously adjusts the lens aperture to maintain the correct exposure. Its automatic exposure control works at all shutter speeds and attaches to virtually all Nikkor lenses that offer the Al function.

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