Shop.- Nikon Flash SB-1

The SB-1 Speedlight is a handle-mount flash designed to deliver maximum power. It is manual with one output setting — full blast — so you only need to know how to work the calculator dial.

Different sets including the SB-1 (main unit) are known, but most of them include the following components:

Any flash that has a PC-socket will connect to the Nikon F2, but the main advantage of using Nikon flashes would be to have the “flash-ready” light activate in the finder when the flash is fully charged. You can also use any ISO-foot flash if you have the AS-1 flash adapter which slips around the nonstandard F2 flash shoe and provides you with an ISO connection. The F2 does not have TTL flash metering or indeed any control of the flash other than firing it. The reason for the nonstandard location of the flash shoe is (probably) because of the interchangeable prisms: DE-1, DP-1, DP-2, DP-3, DP-11, DP-12 ….

— F. Robleda

Images are scanned slides from our Film Photo Library.

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