SHOP.- Sharan Megahouse Nikon F Black Limited Edition

In 2000, Megahouse started producing Sharan miniature-sized replicas of historically important, and interesting, cameras.  These were not pint-sized models;  they were actual, functioning 1/3rd-sized cameras — and in some cases, these replicas sell for more than the originals!

Sharan opted for the Minox cassette for these cameras, due to their small size.  This allowed them to decrease the size of the replicas to about 1/3rd of the originals.  The new mini-cameras could not have all of the features of the originals due to their size.  And their size required the mechanics of their cameras to be as simple as possible — like the Minox MX and EC.  The 3-elements in 3-groups lens is a 15mm fixed-focus f5.6 Azonon.  The fixed, small aperture allows the lens to be fixed-focus and have adequate depth of field.  The shutter is fixed at 1/250 of a second.  The buttons and levers on the various cameras are largely non-functioning, but this varies from model to model.  Some have built-in viewfinders, while others have slip-on viewers in a shoe on the top plate.  The film is loaded from the bottom, and a classically-styled handle electronic flash was available as an accessory — which screwed into the bottom of the camera.

sharan megahouse collection nikon F black

(2000) Unlike the original, it’s not really an SLR — the pentaprism pops up to reveal a viewfinder. The “Nikon F” is 77mm wide by 45mm high, is 98 grams in weight. It came is four versions. The original was chrome with a knob film advance. This was replaced by an “EX” version which replaced the knob with a typical lever…how difficult was that? Then a black version of the EX appeared — perhaps the most desirable. Last, but not least was the MINI CLUB version, which was a promotional model of the chrome EX version made for the Marklin model railroad company. The two noticeable differences are the missing “F” on the top of the fake pentaprism, and that the red “S” is now a red “M”.


Even the leather is deteriorating in same way as the Nikon leathers.

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