Nikon.- Nikkor, The Eyes Of The Nikon

Before Nikon made cameras there was Nikkor making optical lenses since 1933. Since then Nikkor became the precision optics that the world used to see itself and its surroundings. The quality and precision of his lenses took Nikkor to the top, and his optics brought us impressive images of space and the seabed.

sts080 341 038 sts 080 musgrave points a nikon 35mm with 600mm lens out the fcb327 1600

Nikon introduced its first camera lens under the Nikkor brand name, the “Aero-NIKKOR,” for aerial photography in 1933. Nikon initially reserved the Nikkor name for its highest-quality image optics, but practically all Nikon lenses are now thus labeled.

The Nikon F-mount is the world’s biggest interchangeable flange-mount photography lens system. There are about 400 distinct F-mount Nikkor models known to exist.

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