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Full process of assembling the Nikon Back MF-4 and the MF-17 to the F3HP

NIKON F3HP + MD-4 + MF-4 + MF-17 + NIKKOR AiS 50MM F/1.2 + MZ-1 + BULK FILM LOADER + MH-2 + MN-2

By replacing the back door of a Nikon F3 camera (in this video an F3HP model) which has been previously motorized with an MD-4 motor drive, the MF-4 Magazine Back would allow you to shoot up to 250 frames without changing film.

The MF-4 uses two reloadable film cassettes MZ-1: one loaded with film, as the supply spool, and one empty, as the takeup spool. Film loading (in a dark room) can be carried out very easily with the use of the Nikon Bulk Film Loader. A fully loaded cassette is about 11m (33ft.) lenght, allowing 250 exposures.

Then, by replacing the back door of the MF-4 with the MF-17 back, you would be able to imprint data on the 250 sequential shots film.

The printed data includes three simultaneous selections: year/month/day hour/minutes/seconds and handwritten display data. The MC-15 cord included, will be necessary to connect the back to the camera. Accessories like the Memo Plate Set, a replacement item for MF-17 will allow you to handwritten data on the image.

In order to use a rechargable battery in the MD-4 motor drive, instead the 8 AA alkaline batteries (that last long enough to take 5,000 exposures) you can use the Nikon Quick Charger MH-2 to charge the NiCd Battery Unit MN-2 (recharging time for the NiCd battery is approximately 3-1/2 hours).

Using a prime lens such as the Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 AI-s —Nikon’s fastest lens currently in production— will help to achieve good results.

Nikon Items In order of appearance:

Nikon F3HP
Nikon MD-4
Nikon MF-4
Nikon MF-17
Nikon MZ-1
Nikon Bulk Film Loader
Nikon MH-2
Nikon MN-2

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