We are proud to present this very rare set of Camera and Lense, both marked with the red D “Demo” model for the Nikon FA camera and Nikkor 35-70 f3.5 4.5 lens and both in excellent cosmetic and working condition. 

It is difficult to find information about these rare D models even on the Internet. Apparently these are demonstration models provided by Nikon to dealers. 

The body of the Nikon FA red “D” demo has no major damage or defects, but some slight marks due to deterioration due to the passage of time. Considering this, it still remains a precious object.

The electrical triggering of the camera is fine, and the battery container is clean and free of corrosion. The shutter is OK and the speed changes smoothly from low to high speed (although its accuracy is unknown). The exposure meter changes according to the light received. The distinct functions of the camera: P, S, A and M behave correctly. The liquid crystal inside the prism is sharp and bright and can be observed without problems. There are specks of dust in the viewfinder, which do not affect visibility. The film chamber and shutter curtain are clean and in perfect condition, as is the focusing screen. The film counter is working properly. The double exposure lever is working properly. The self-timer (and its light) works smoothly. On the other hand, at Nikon-Film we always deliver the cameras with the light seals carefully replaced, if and when the condition of the seals requires it (even if the pictures were taken with the original seals). 

The appearance of the NIKKOR 35-70MM F3.5-4.5 MARKED D RED lens is also very good. There are no performance issues. The helicoid is smooth, and the aperture blades look beautiful. No lens scuffs or scratches, no fungus or haze, and no loss of lubricant.


These rare collectibles Nikon Red D Demo are today available in our store. They can be purchased separately, or together with a 10% discount.

Buy separately:
Nikon FA D “Demostration Edition”
Nikon Nikkor 35-70 F/3.3-4.5 D “Demostration Edition”

Buy Blundle with 10% Discount:
Nikon Red D Demo Model of the Nikon FA and Nikkor 35-70 F/3.3-4.5

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