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Some photos of the F3AF Set. 40 years and still working… that´s why we love this items.
By the early 80’s, the F3 series established itself as the mainstream press photographers pet. Many say that the F3 series was the last ‘real’ press camera that Nikon made before competition from Canon set in, in the late 1980’s. The F3AF was launched in April, 1983 amidst rising pressure to create an AF SLR. Being a professionally orientated camera, the F3AF is a landmark camera from Nikon. It was also among the first SLRs (if not the first) to have an AF system that was based on TTL contrast detection. The early FD series Canon’s did come up with a series of early AF lenses, but these were based on active infrared sensors fitted directly on the lens.

Nikon F3AF Bundle Nikon Film


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