The Nikon F Black Collection


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Excellent collection for nikon F lovers. This special collection consists of 6 nikon F cameras in black color, with their respective lenses and caps of their corresponding eras. All the viewfinders are working and clean. The exposure meter works but accuracy is unknown. The cameras are checked and working properly and are in very good cosmetic condition despite having some marks of use. The lenses work smoothly and are also quite well maintained. The pictures are part of the description of this item, and everything that is shown in them will be included in the shipment. We would be glad to recheck the item it on your request (before buying). Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Important notice: When you are buying used items with mechanical and/or electronical components (as camera bodies, motors, lenses, Flashes, etc.), it’s important you contact us before your purchase, to allow us to re-check the correct functioning of the product prior payment is done. Once you receive our confirmation (and any additional information, photos/videos you may request), you could proceed with the purchase.


Camera S/N Finder Lense S/N
F Nippon Kogaku Eye Level 6491421 Eye Level Nikon F Nikkor S-Auto 50mm 1.4 354524
F Nippon Kogaku Photomic Switch 6505580 Photomic Switch 933925 Nikkor S-Auto 50mm 1.4 386462
F Nppon Kugau Photomic T 6744308 Photomic T 787533 Nikkor S-Auto 50mm 1.4 452249
F Nikon Photomic TN 6877996 Photomic TN 495559 Nikkor S-Auto 50mm 1.4 468540
F Nikon Photomic FTN 7340334 Photomic FTN 906703 Nikkor S-Auto 5cm 2 498962
F (Apollo) Eye Level 7353548 Eye Level Nikon Nikkor S-Auto 50mm 1.5 538149
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