Nikon Nikkorex F + Nikkor-S Auto 50mm F/2 + Exposure Meter – Boxed


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The body of the Nikon Nikkorex F + Nikkor-S Auto 50mm F/2 + Exposure Meter – Boxed has no major damage or flaws, but there are some slight marks due to age deterioration. It comes with the original Case. Exposure Meter with Original Box. Considering its age, it is still a beautiful object. The electrical activation of the camera is OK, and the battery container is clean and free of corrosion. The shutter is OK and the speed cuts smoothly from low to high speed (although its accuracy is unknown). The exposure meter changes depending on the light received, but the accuracy is also unknown. The liquid crystal inside the prism is sharp and bright and can be observed without problems. The film chamber and the shutter curtain are clean and in perfect condition as well as the focusing screen. The film counter is working properly. Double exposure lever operates properly. The self-timer (and its light) operates smoothly. Light seals are always carefully replaced if the camera requires it, even if they do not appear in the photos and all cameras include the body front cap.

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