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Rare and wanted version of the Nikon F3. The Nikon F3P (P for press) was designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and therefore has special seals to prevent the entry of dust, sand and to withstand very humid environments. Dust and sand tend to enter mainly through the base of levers and buttons. For this reason, the multiple exposure lever, delayed trigger and rear door lock lever were eliminated on this model. The unique HP viewfinder on this model, called the DP-5, was constructed of titanium and equipped with a standard ISO flash shoe. It should be noted that many photographers do not use Nikon flashes. However, this hot shoe lacks TTL contacts, so the flash can only operate in automatic and manual modes. The TTL system specially made for the F3 range must be connected to the dedicated hot shoe, located under the film rewind lever. The Nikon F3P has a few other differences from the standard model. This model has a B-type focusing screen, which is fixed. The exposure counter is circular and the camera has a standard MF-6B (Auto film-stop back) rear door. This door has a bolt that prevents complete rewinding of the reel, leaving the tab out. The MF-6B back, called MF-6 in its first version, is optional for the standard Nikon F3. As the HP viewfinder (DP-3) is slightly taller than the standard (DP-2), the body of the Nikon F3P carries the speed dial higher as well, so that it is easier to change speeds or select modes. The shutter release button is also higher and features a mechanical locking system. On the back, below the film rewind lever, the camera’s serial number is displayed. On the Nikon F3P, this number is preceded by the letter P. Otherwise, operation and accessories are identical to those of the standard Nikon F3, except that this model cannot attach the DX-1 viewfinder of the F3AF and does not have interchangeable screens. The Body of the Nikon F3P has no major damage or flaws, but there are some slight marks due to age deterioration. Considering its age, it is still a beautiful object. The electrical activation of the camera is OK, and the battery container is clean. The shutter is OK and the speed cuts smoothly from low to high speed (although its accuracy is unknown). The exposure meter changes depending on the light received, but the accuracy is also unknown. The liquid crystal inside the prism is sharp and bright and can be observed without problems.?The appearance of the Nikkor S Auto 50mm 1.4 lens is also nice, but there are slight cosmetic traces due to age deterioration. There is a tiny amount of dust inside the lens, some speck, but this does not affect the image quality at all, even in backlit photos.?Original inner and outer Boxes with matching numbers, both Camera and Lense. Important notice: When you are buying used items with mechanical and/or electronical components (as camera bodies, motors, lenses, Flashes, etc.), it?s important you contact us before your purchase, to allow us to re-check the correct functioning of the product prior payment is done. Once you receive our confirmation (and any additional information, photos/videos you may request), you could proceed with the purchase.

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