Modern technologies have not only benefited society (Nikon is a good example of this) but have also attracted scammers who misuse these technologies for illegal financial gain. As those scammers get more sophisticated, experts advise using even more sophisticated technologies to fight them.

Here, at Nikon-Film, we are a small company that sells products that are increasingly difficult to find, and we try to do so at a reasonable price. We cannot invest in sophisticated technologies to fight sophisticated technologies, and any type of fraud could mean the disappearance of our business.

On other hand, when we consider this question, we have clear that new technologies don’t necessarily replace old ones —instead, they add to them, and since, after all, we are a vintage company, our payment system is also vintage: the old trusty bank transfer.

When you make a purchase, after filling the required fields, you will receive a response that will include the final price (broken down in price and shipping) and the account number where to transfer the final amount, as well as the estimated time in which you will receive the product. You will also receive an instant message corroborating said email. The instant message (WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal) is intended for double verification.

The bank account provided will ALWAYS be a SEPA bank account in Belgium with the following IBAN structure:

BEXX XXXX XXXX XX15 (16 digits in total, two first digits: BE and two last digits: 15).

An account different than above must be cosidered fake.

Once the transfer is received, the product will be shipped, with tracking, within the next 24 hours (excluding weekends).


Orders inside the EU

Sales of second-hand products between individuals are not subject to VAT or to any formality throughout the EU. The price is paid once and for all at the place of purchase. Moreover, there are no customs duties to be paid when buying goods coming from within the European Union.

Orders outside the EU

Sales outside the EU, depending on the declared value of the items, may be subject to customs procedures and import fees, duties and taxes (which are levied once a shipment reaches the respective country) in addition to the brokerage fees/custom clearance charges which may be imposed by the carrier. These charges must be borne by the recipient. Nikon-Film is obliged to declare the value of the item and comply with the legislation regarding the customs declaration. Nikon-Film has no control over these charges and cannot predict what they might be. In general, you should consider the possibility of Import duties and taxes that the buyer must pay, and brokerage fees to be paid to the Currier at the time of delivery.

At Nikon-Film we intend going above and beyond the traditional customer experience, as the buyer always be top of mind.


Please use our contact form

  • You do not have to give anyone your bank details.
  • You can request any additional information, (such as photographs, videos, or technical information) of the product you want to buy, before making the purchase.
  • You establish a human relationship with us, in the same way that stores of yesteryear operated.
Cons for the Buyer
  • The delay, at the time of receiving your purchase, between paying through a payment gateway or making a bank transfer is 24 to 48 hours. We will try to recover that difference (at least partially) by the immediate handling of the parcel to the Currier (or express delivery, in urgent cases).
Pros for the Seller
  • We avoid, as far as possible chargebacks (and other fraud schemes) without disregarding genuine returns. This will allow us to continue serving you, offering products at competitive prices, and sleep in peace.
Cons for the Seller
  • We may lose customers looking for immediacy in online operations.
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